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Business setup in UAE

First, you have to decide exactly what kind of travel company you want to operate. Are you going to specialize as a travel agency, inbound tour operator, or outbound tour operator? There is a wealth of operation to choose from through all the various markets that you might represent.

The decision will decide which of the three different additional licenses you will need to apply for at a future stage.

Company training experts will advise on what is best according to your business plan, avoiding the expensive error of making those decisions incorrect and having to repeat the whole process or rewrite your business plan.

Choose your Company Name

Don’t get too close to any names until you are familiar with the rules; words such as ‘world,’ ‘international,’ ‘East’ or ‘West’ is appropriate but may incur additional fees, and a variety of restrictions apply.

For example, offensive words are understandably proscribed, as is God’s name, either in English or Arabic.

Apply for license

 In Dubai, the DED provides business or commercial licences (commercial, professional, industrial and tourism). All businesses, regardless of industry, must at least have a commercial license. Typically your application includes a memorandum of association, depending on your company’s legal type, a certificate of incorporation, and a copy of the shareholder passport.

Employ Visa

Be sure to apply within 30 days of the employee’s entry to the country,where they can obtain a tourist visa or a visit to the country.

Register on the e-channels portal of the Ministry of the Interior for workers entry permits (another term for the provisional 60-day work visa). When released, workers can make an ‘in-country status adjustment’ to enable the entry permit, which is a critical step towards securing a full-time employment visa.

Open Appropriate

No bank will recognize your business without a trade license, so choose your bank wisely; a wrong choice can come back to bite you. Most will need a continuous minimum balance, ranging from AED 1 m to AED 5,000. Besides, some require proof of residence status for at least one shareholder, while others do not.

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